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So your nephew has a computer and he says he can make you a logo and a brochure? Please don't do that to yourself. It's a competitive world out there, and you need to stand apart from the crowd. The best way to do that is with a properly executed brand strategy. Together, we would craft that strategy in a way that not only says "HEY, LOOK AT ME," but also in a way that fits within your budget.

Speak to the Masses

Designing Your Message

The first part takes experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got that part covered. Like any other project, we need to set goals. Who is this targeted to? How do you want them to interact? What is the preferred end result? That all may sound easy, but the knowing how to take the answers to those questions and actually make it work is something that an experienced graphic designer has the skills and knowledge to make happen. Once you have that brand strategy locked down, we’ll take that and create a consistent brand message across various platforms. By that, we mean business cards, banners, vehicle wraps, brochures, you name it. Everything with your name on it, has to feel like it comes from the same company.

Print Isn’t Dead

Print Knowledge

There are people out there that will say that print is a dying breed. Honestly, print isn’t what it used to be; with websites, social media, and digital ads being everywhere. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t have it’s place. When you are out in the world, handing someone a physical marketing asset has a much better chance of getting noticed and read, than just directing them to a website alone. Print pieces should be to the point and visually appealing. We understand print design, and how to accomplish these goals. We also know how to speak the lingo with the print shops, to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

Big or Small

Environmental Design

We’ve designed numerous billboards, store fronts, popup banners, car wraps, etc. They all have the same things in common, they work better when that are done in part of a larger marketing strategy and they all require unique collaboration with a manufacturer. To give an example, if you just put up a single billboard you will get some people to notice it, but when you combine it with a radio ad, then you re-enforce it. Okay one more, you glance at a wrap on the side of a Trax train, but then you go in and you see the same branding on the inside. A consistent brand message used in various offerings, is the start of a marketing strategy. When it’s put together with the who, when, what, and why, you get a fuller picture of who your company is.


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I create branding & marketing strategies and I can do it for you. Check out my work to get a better idea. Contact me for additional information and to request a quote.