Utah First Credit Union had been using the same branding guidelines nearly two decades. They were in need of not only an updated website, but a new look and feel. Their only stipulations were that we use their existing fonts and colors. Starting with extensive research, we were able determine what people wanted most from their site.

Without making the site overly complicated, we focused on three main elements (rates, locations, and opening an account) for the homepage, and a easy to use navigation to get the visitors the information they are searching for. After the site was done, we also helped transition the new branding into print, including billboards, branch signage, and environmental pieces.


Responsive Website | Branding


Utah First Credit Union


UI/UX Design, Website Design, Creative Direction, Print Design

it’s about the community

Utah First is about being apart of their members’ lives and the community. With that being such a focus, we needed to make sure that all of the imagery had a human element. While many credit union sites end up using “smiley, happy people,” we found photos that made the people feel natural and real.