Utah Branding

& Logo Design

Your brand is the first thing people will see. It’s what people associate with your company’s personality and its reputation. An easily recognizable logo, can help drive sales and provide brand awareness. We can not only design you the perfect logo, but can help build the brand around your mark.

Starts With Research

What I Can Do For You

Your logo design is only the start of building your brand. Starting with strong research, together we find out about your competition. We focus on what they are doing, and more importantly, what they are not doing. We can then determine how it can be done better. The next step is to examine your target audience. Determining what is needed to reach them and create an experience that speaks to them.

After we have finished designing your logo, we then start in on how to make your entire company’s brand stay consistent. It’s important that everything feels cohesive internally and externally. Only then do you truly have a brand that is easily recognizable and engaging.

Your brand is all about communication. Through the research, the fonts, colors, and shapes; we are able to speak directly to your audience. That voice is what will reflect the personality of your company.

Showing Who You Are

What Is Your Message?

Your consumers, not a designer, is what creates your brand. Our job is to properly influence the perception of your target audience. Your brand is what people think about when they see your logo. It’s their understanding of how your business operates, what it stands for, and how it’s presented to the world. It’s also something that unifies your employees to a single cause. It’s about influencing how both internal and external perceive these elements, that they’ll receive a positive brand message.

It’s a Team Effort

Working Together

The most important part is the research. We know what will work from a design and consumer standpoint, but you know who your customers are. With this information we can then optimize the brand impact by identifying all points of consumer/brand interaction, and covering them with consistent messaging and design. One of the advantages of working together, is that the logo design and branding we end up with doesn’t just come from one person, but created together to say the correct message.

Building a strong identity gives the consumer a true understanding about who your company is and what you stand for. They will know what makes you different, and why consumers love or will love the product and/or service you have to offer. All of this gives your brand identity an honest, personal feeling that speaks directly to the consumer.

How It All Works

Coming Together

Designing a logo and building your brand for the market is something we feel highly confident in doing. We understand what it takes, from identifying your company’s goals and objectives, as well as where you want to go, into one solid message. This message will form the basis of your brand and identity. We love working with startups and established companies, that are in need of a powerful brand message. Specializing in giving your brand awareness, and we have the talent and experience to keep you three steps ahead of your competition. Contact us for additional information and to request a quote.

I create branding & logo designs and I can do it for you. Check out my work to get a better idea. Contact me for additional information and to request a quote.