Suse was using a website that had been “overly thought-out.” The site was so complicated that people would get lost and frustrated. Some pages would even remove all navigation, so it would “trap” the visitor on that page. The challenge wasn’t really changing the site, as much as it was getting sign-off from multiple departments.

With offices all over the world. We needed to work with and present to, people from multiple countries and departments. The only way this was going to be possible was if the reasoning behind the work was rock solid.


Responsive Website


Suse (A Micro Focus Company)


UI/UX Design, Website Design, Creative Direction

see how it runs

Showing the design is only one part of any project. Below you can take a look at how the site was designed to move, and engage the visitor.

working internationally

A key goal from the start was that we needed to have the site translated into multiple languages. With so many cultures being represented, it was important that the site didn’t feel heavily “American.” Everything from the way we wrote copy, to the images we used needed to work well for countries all over the world. We decided that the only way to do that, was to focus on using the company’s branding, more than external influences.