After working on the Suse website, a different deaprtment in the company asked to reinvent their mobile app. The app is used to provide video and audio content, in the form of training and community information. The key goal was to make a user experience that made people engage with the company.

While still using the new Suse branding as a standard for the designs, we also used the Ionic platform to build the mobile app. This allowed for an easy transition between iOS and Android. As with any app, the research and wireframing proved vital to the overall experience.


Mobile App


Suse (A Micro Focus Company)


UI/UX Design, App Design, Creative Direction

simple complexity

Suse has so many different products and so many different types of users, that creating an app that speaks to all of them was a big challenge. We needed to focus on the paths that each user could use to find the content they where looking for.