the process of communication

Everything starts and ends with proper communication. That’s how I build confidence with my client and my team. I’m a strong believer in designing with a reason. Every color, button, image, etc. should have a specific reason to be there. When starting a new project, I want to know as much about the client and their business as possible. Throughout the process, it’s important to be responsive and transparent.

building a strategy

By building chemistry with the client and researching their world, I’m able to start putting together a wireframe. Whether for an app, website, or campaign strategy, these “blueprints” will help forge the foundation of the project. The wireframes are based on goals. With my experience and the clients’ industry knowledge, we can work together to build a strong foundation.

design with a reason

Once you have the buyer’s journey locked down, it’s time to start putting it all into practice. This is so much more than just choosing some images and using a cool font. Every aspect of the design has a reason. From the color of the buttons and the styling of the words to how the imagery makes you feel about that company.

turning ideas into reality

So, now we have a direction and agreed-upon look and feel. This is where the real magic happens. If it’s a digital project, such as an app or website, a skilled developer is a must. On a print piece, it’s important to work with the printer and know how to get the perfect look. I have extensive experience working directly with developers and printers to make sure the project turns out just the way the client has in their head.

quality & experience

I love it when a plan comes together. Completing a project that’s successful for the client is the best feeling. It means that I have built that chemistry with the client, executed on our plan, and accomplished the goals set at the beginning of the project. It’s a journey that pays off for years to come.