Swire Coca-Cola is a bottler that distributes the Coke brand throughout the western states. What they were looking for was to benefit from the #shareacoke campaign that corporate had been using for a couple years. Wanting to do more than just traditional advertising, they wanted a digital MVP.

Since the campaign focused on a social aspect, we decided that we needed to draw people in by giving them local deals. This would be done by using location services to push deals at restaurants and attractions around them.


mobile app


Swire Coca-Cola


UI/UX Design, App Design, Creative Direction

motion comp

Illustrating how the app would function was easier to show in a video. So we worked it up in After Effects to better test our ideas.

social experiment

A way for people to win prizes, was for them to snap and submit photos of themselves enjoying a Coke product. The prizes would include Coca-Cola swag, free dinners, or even tickets to concerts. Getting people to download the app was only the start. We had to figure out why people would keep it installed on their devices.

it's about the details

We started off with a detailed wireframe as a POC. By putting this into Invisionapp, we were able to let the client “use” the app and get a taste of it’s overall functionality. Moving into design was easy, given that we just needed to stick to Coke’s brand standards.