Challenger School had a site that was very basic, and really only gave a snapshot of what they had to offer. They needed not only a new website, but a whole new structure to things like a parent portal, teacher portal, and an app. The challenge was finding a way to make all of these elements feel like they were a part of the same brand.

Starting from scratch, I needed to do my research into what they could offer using their existing tools, and then improve from there. Our overall goal for the site was to make it so a parent could find all the information they needed to make an informed decision about enrolling their student.


Responsive Website


Challenger School


UI/UX Design, Website Design, Creative Direction

showing the journey

When working in advertising it’s easy to forget that things that may feel straight forward, may be completely foreign to someone else. By creating a motion comp like this, I am able to visually show my ideas for a site.

about the kids

With 25 schools across 5 states, Challenger School has many different demographics. Since the students wear uniforms, we couldn’t just use stock images. All the photos needed to be of actual students, but also show the diversity across all the campuses.

mobile friendly

With so many moving parts that had to go into this website, including calendars, jobs, curriculums, dress codes, etc; it was a big task to make it all work in the palm of your hand. We didn’t want to remove parts that made the site unusable, so I needed to keep the design very clean and modular.