About Me


& ambitious

For more than 16 years, I've specialized in creating experiences across web, designing print campaigns, and building identities for companies. I believe in working with a client, rather than working for them. I build relationships with the people for whom I do work.

Connecting Brands and Ideas

My True Passion

My biggest thrill is seeing my clients succeed. I put my heart and soul into my work, and that means that I’m not successful until my clients are. It’s all about the communication and creating that relationship.

Building Relationships

Looking Towards the Future

I also get a great deal of satisfaction working with and mentoring other designers. With the knowledge that I have gathered over the years, I feel that it’s my duty to help other designers along the way. I enjoy watching designers with whom I have worked succeed.

always pushing forward

a few of my skills

Website Design

Designing professional, responsive websites. I've designed sites for companies large and small, but they all start with communication.

UX/UI Specialist

I view my wireframes as the "blueprints" for the project on which I am working. Without a proper buyer's journey, you have no basis for what you are doing.

Print Design

I have experience in everything from flyers to books and everything in between. People may say print is dying, but when used correctly it can still be a powerful tool.

Mobile App Design

I have experience on both iOS and Android. Working mostly with the Ionic platform, I've designed some extremely complex apps. Much like a good website, a good app is all about the user experience.


Logos, and branding in general, can be among the most challenging tasks a designer can face. Usually starting from scratch, I'm able to design unique visual elements. I focus on simplicity and recognition.

Creative Direction

I have many years' experience working closely with other designers, developers, project managers, and marketing specialists. A strong team can accomplish anything.